Our team consists of senior consultants with diverse backgrounds in communications, literature, design and execution of cultural projects, and political science. These professionals possess an eclectic skillset, serving as an integral asset to the agency.


The diversity and strong experience of our team members are behind the success of the communication strategies we develop for our clients, thanks to 3 essential elements:

  •  The perfect knowledge of the media as a result of their tenured experience working in the PR industry
  •  The attention to detail given to the content strategy and the complementarity of PR and social media services
  •  A comprehensive understanding of our clients’ priorities within their industry


After more than 20 years of supporting and implementing public relations strategies for companies, institutions, and communities, I have seen the importance of storytelling and how strategic messaging can positively impact company goals.

As a result, I chose to focus on the message that I place at the heart of communication strategies, and my experience has allowed me to develop a methodology that has proven itself.

Hortense Grégoire, CEO and founder of Pressario.

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