Proximity & Reactivity

Pressario is an agency that focuses on building effective PR and social media strategies. With a dedicated and highly skilled team, Pressario’s main objective is to boost your brand perception and reputation.


A curated approach centered around proximity, responsiveness, and trust.


Activate a powerful communications strategy that will break through the noise and reach your core audience


Comprised of full-time team members and senior freelance specialists who are experts in a variety of sectors and industries


Aware of the evolving PR landscape, Hortense Grégoire created Pressario in 2005 with a strong desire to advance the industry.

While notoriety and visibility have been the key pillars of PR, over the last decade, the notion of influence has been emerging as another key component in the industry. Media targets are more diverse and information is circulating faster and through new channels. Influencers are everywhere, industry practices have been shaken up, and brand expectations are evolving. In addition to the shift in the industry, consumers are becoming increasingly critical of brand behavior.

Pressario is a PR and social media agency that offers a truly tailored service.

As an agency that continuously adapts to the ever-evolving industry and market, Pressario provides expertise that directly aligns with our clients’ priorities.

Pressario has been able to differentiate itself thanks to a unique approach focused on reactivity and proximity. To assist the client in achieving their goals, Pressario assembles a team of talented industry experts, to align with the needs of the client.

Since 2005 Pressario has provided expertise to many of the leading thought leaders, institutions, and brands such as Amazon, Panasonic, Orangina Suntory, Findus, etc.


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