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Public relations have undergone a real transformation over the last 2 decades, but these fundamentals remain: knowing how to listen, formulating relevant messages, and learning to collaborate with professionals that have different expectations, all with an ultimate goal: to convince.

For several years, the consumer sphere of influence has been constantly changing, requiring us to integrate new web challenges into our public relations strategies: e-reputation monitoring and management, buzz management, communication on blogs, etc.

At Pressario, we are adapting to this change, and we have the PR 2.0 attitude!

The news cycle has entered a new digital age and our relationship with the media is changing. Concretely, this requires not only a greater responsiveness but also a better control of timing / confidentiality / exclusivity because information now circulates much faster on the web.

Moreover, the boundary between bloggers and journalists is sometimes very thin and they are often very active on social media. If your narrative is not in line with the message you want to convey, their comments on these platforms can travel very quickly and annihilate your communication efforts.

This is why, at Pressario, PR and social media are at the heart of our service offering. We are no longer solely focused on disseminating information but instead, we are poised to listen intently and drive interactive conversations.


Our skills



Strategic counsel and development of effective and influential communication strategies



Concise messaging and content designed in alignment with company goals and initiatives



The connection and activation of Pressario’s network of influencers (press, blogosphere, institutions, opinion relays, etc.)

Email : hortense@pressario.us

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